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Here is what our customers are saying...

Jack Strick: City Administrator for Weldon Spring, Missouri

"Having worked for a large municipality, [the account manager's] knowledge and insight regarding communications to the residents was invaluable in helping us develop the format and content of our website."

Dr. Tom Byrnes: Superintendent for Wentzville School District

"Recently, [5-Star P.R.] assisted the Wentzville School District in their efforts to pass a much needed tax levy. [The account manager's] professionalism and expertise were essential in helping us communicate with the public. She developed various communication tools and techniques specifically suited to our needs. She was a vital part of our successful passage of the tax levy."

Kathy Gage: President of Marvelous Maids, Inc.

"5-Star P.R. & Marketing helped Marvelous Maids develop a new company brochure. We love how professional and informative it is. The colors attract attention and we feel it particularly appeals to families, our target market. Sales have increased by at least 30% since we started using the new brochure. Thanks [5-Star P.R.] for a wonderful addition to our marketing tools!"

Becky Behlmann-Bilyeu, ASID: Owner, Lasting Impressions Home Remodel Center, Ltd.

"I want to 'Thank You' and 'Congratulate You' for the fine job you did on our press release. Due to [5-Star P.R.'s] efforts we were featured in a national magazine: The Kitchen and Bath Design News. Your expertise has also allowed me to have four 'polished' articles featured quarterly in 'The New 50' pull-out section of the North County Suburban Journal through 2005!"

Patsye Stanley: President, Flax Organics, Inc.

"With little time to prepare for my first trade show, [5-Star P.R.] worked diligently on my company media kit. [The account manager] was very pleasant to work with and able to put materials together well, which resulted in a media kit that represented my products in detail."

Mary Morak: President, Incredible Engravings, Inc.

"5-Star produced a professional, polished press release for Incredigble Engravings that was picked up by a local newspaper as an article on the front page--photo and all! I couldn't be more pleased with the process. [The account manager] took a simple interview with me and turned it into a valuable marketing piece. Thanks [5-Star]."

Nancy Schneider: President, Ronan Sign Company, Inc.

"[5-Star P.R.] worked thoroughly with me to develop my press release in an accurate, interesting, informative and creative way. I had a couple newspapers pick it up and I was contacted by Channel 5 News. I was happy with the results I received from [5-Star P.R.’s] work."

Linda Binns: Owner, Harmony Inside and Out

"[5-Star P.R.] worked with me on producing some materials for my clients and students, [materials] that are probably quite different from anything [the account manager] has done before. [She] understood the kind of thing that I was looking for right away and came up with a finished product that is very creative and professional--just what I needed. I have received many compliments on these materials and will be able to use them for a very long time."

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